Flowers in Bloom Recommended by National Geographic

Flowers Time Lapse Video by David de los Santo Gil

Plants Dance

When I was very young, I was amazed by a time lapse film of an orange and yellow tulip opening. I remember it to this day even though the clip was shown by Disney way back in the 1960s. Color television was still new and exciting, and time lapse photography was darn near magic.

Even though color photography is a given nowadays, the miracle of a flower opening from bud to bloom within a few short seconds is still a wondrous thing to behold. Today’s film, featured by National Geographic, shows many different kinds of flowers, and each is startling when its slow motion growth is turned up so that we can appreciate it.

“Witness dozens of different types of flowers unfurling in this stunning time-lapse video from filmmaker David de los Santos Gil. He used 5,000 out of 50,000 shots of his floral subjects for the final video, which was filmed over a period of nine months.”

– From National Geographic
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Flowers in Bloom Recommended by National Geographic