Containers For Plants at Kirk’s Hydro

Kirk’s Hydro has a wide variety of containers. Choose plastic or ceramic pots, small or large. We have economical nursery pots and colorful decorative planters. And, of course, we have net pots for hydroponic growers.

Plant Dollies

Make moving potted plants easy with a rolling plant dolly. Our sturdy dollies can support up to 250 pounds of weight.

Black Plastic Nursery Pots

Sturdy, inexpensive and functional. Sleek black puts your plants center stage.

Grobal Self-Watering Plastic Pots

Black, sky blue and sunset orange in small or large sizes with a sleek retro style. Let reservoir go dry for a day or two to allow soil to aerate. Dramatically reduces watering intervals for plants.

Black Plastic Net Pots

For use with hydroponic or aeroponic systems. Net pots hold roots in place while allowing them complete access to water and nutrients.

Assorted Indoor Ceramic Pots

Hand-painted Talavera planters, bright cache pots, and interesting glazed ceramic plant pots in many sizes.

Customer Favorite: Smart Pots

  • lightweight
  • soft-sided
  • affordable
  • recycled materials
  • good root aeration
  • good gopher deterrent
  • open and fill for instant raised bed garden, even on patios and decks
  • many sizes, from two gallons to two-hundred gallons
  • Smart Pot