Fertilizer Brands at Kirk’s Hydro

Kirk’s Hydro carries liquid and bag fertilizer, organic and inorganic, in a wide range of formulas for different needs from cuttings to fruits.

Use for traditional soil-based gardening or hydroponic/aeroponic growing.

  • Alaska Fertilizers
    Alaska Fish Emulsion Fertilizer
    ♦ Alaska MorBloom
  • Botanicare Fertilizers
    ♦ Silica Blast ♦ Vitamino ♦ Liquid Karma ♦ Pure Blend and more...
  • Down To Earth Organic Fertilizers
    Down To Earth Organic Fertilizers
    All-Natural, Single-Ingredient: ♦ Oyster Shell ♦ Crab Meal ♦ Green Sand ♦ and more...
  • Earth Juice Fertilizer logo
    Earth Juice Fertilizer
    ♦ Catalyst ♦ Hi-Brix ♦ MetaK and more...
  • Grow More Fertilizer logo
    Grow More Fertilizer
    ♦ Grow More Orchid Foods (Growth, Bloom, Urea-free, or All-Purpose) ♦ Grow More Water Solubles (A wide range of fertilizer products for all types of hydroponic- and container-grown plants)
  • General Hydroponics fertilizers
    General Hydroponics Fertilizers
    ♦ FloraGro ♦ FloraMicro ♦ FloraBloom and more...
  • General Organics Fertilizers
    General Organics Fertilizers
    Organic fertilizers ♦ BioThrive ♦ BioRoot ♦ Diamond Black and more...
  • Humboldt Nutrients
    Humboldt Nutrients
    ♦ Verde ♦ Ginormous ♦ ProZyme and more...

Customer Favorite:
Humboldt Nutrients Verde 16-1-2

– made in USA

It’s Spanish for green. Lush green colors and vigorous growth are what you can expect with Verde. Used as a foliar spray or as a growth catalyst for hydroponic or soil crops, Verde can help keep plants healthy throughout their life cycle.

Verde is a premium growth supplement with 16% nitrogen, 1% available phosphorus, and 2% potassium, as well as iron, magnesium and other vital elements. This is a great blend for plants experiencing periods of accelerated growth.

Verde is a blend that contains high quality, cold pressed Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, humic acid and pure Yucca extract. This unique product can increase root, stem and stalk structure, while boosting chlorophyll levels and protecting the health of your plant.

Use Verde in conjunction with Humboldt Nutrients base nutrients and additives for vigorous growth. This is the useful and balanced nitrogen additive you have been searching for.

(Not recommended for use in re-circulating hydroponic systems.)

Five gallons, one gallon, and one quart sizes

Humboldt Nutrients Verde Fertilizer