Ventilation at Kirk’s Hydro

Kirk’s Hydro has HEPA and carbon filters, fans, ducts and joinery to create the ideal ventilation system for your greenhouse or indoor garden.

Why Add Ventilation?

Plants grown in a breeze have stronger stems than those grown in still air. Adding a simple fan to circulate air freely within your growing area will strengthen your plants and cut down on mold problems by reducing humidity.

Greenhouses are often snugly sealed to save heating energy in winter so you will need to bring fresh air into your greenhouse, conservatory or spare room garden. It should be filtered so that insects and pollutants are left outside. A HEPA filter combined with an intake fan is an excellent solution.

You will also need an outlet for old, stale air. This helps remove excess heat from the growing area that may build up from grow lights or sunlight. Adding a carbon filter to the outlet system will cleanse released air of any unpleasant odors.

Organic Air HEPA Filter

The tightly woven synthetic HEPA fibers in this filter will help prevent mold, bacteria, and insects from entering your greenhouse. The HEPA fibers block out most airborne particles yet allow air to flow through with little restriction. The filter is also washable for extended efficiency.

Available in several sizes.